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All about cheese and crust - different styles and origin

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Pizza is one of the food enjoyed widely by people around the globe. This unique food item has many stories and significant history attached to it. For instance, the famous, Margherita pizza is named after Queen Margherita in history. Also, over the years, different styles and types of pizzas have evolved after it has traveled through many cities to finally become a global go-to dish.

Different styles of pizza

When one thinks of the best stores to have delicious pizza near me, the picture of a chewy crust loaded with veggies and cheese immediately pops up. And different people have different tastes and preferences. Given that, there are many pizza customizations and combo offers available in the market. Marv’s pizza is the leading pizzerias in the town, offering amazing pizza customization and combos across the menu.

When it comes to customizing your pizza, you have many options to choose from. Right from the type of pizza crust to toppings and to the type of cheese, there are many types of pizzas available today. All these types of pizzas have a great history of evolution. For now, we’ll be focussing on the different types of pizza crusts in this blog. Here we talk about the different styles of pizza crusts available today and specifically focus on the styles of thin-crust pizzas.

The authentic thin-crust pizzas

Thin crusts pizzas are one of the first styles of pizzas that got popular on the worldwide level. The main factor that governs this type of pizza is the tendency of the crust to first flop and then retain its shape. However, there are many different varieties available in thin-crust pizzas as well. They are classified on the basis of texture and various flavors. Let’s have a look at all of them, starting from the classic thin crust, Neapolitan pizza.

The Neapolitan Thin Crust Pizza

One of the incidence in history that made pizza popular and paved its way for worldwide fame was when Queen Margarita along with King Unberto I visited Naples in 1889, just after the unification of Italy. At this time, they were served with classic, Neapolitan thin-crust pizza with toppings that has a different story, explaining how Margarita pizza got its name.

The dough of this traditional Neapolitan pizza is made up of just yeast, flour, water, and salt. It is baked traditionally bakes in an authentic wood fire oven at a very high temperature of 800 degrees for just about 90 seconds. Making this crust requires great skill to bake it just right in order to avoid the burnt crust.

New Haven Style Pizza

The New Haven-style pizza is the thinnest of all the thin-crust pizzas on the list. It is defined by its non-uniform, undefined shape which is neither a perfect sphere nor a rectangle. This explains how thin the dough is rolled. This thinnest of all pizzas is rolled and carefully spread out before baking in a ripping hot coal-fired oven.

However, it is baked at a very high temperature but just for a short span of time in order to retain the moisture in the crust and not make it too brittle. It offers amazing crunch and delicious char at every bite. So, if you’re looking for a unique, different pizza style, this one’s surely a must-try.

St. Louis style pizza

This style of pizza crust is mainly characterized by unleavened which means, without yeast. Hence, the crust becomes extremely crunchy and very less flexible. Some people also explain the texture as “cracker-like”.

This type of pizza also has a special type of cheese blend which is popularly known as provel blend. This includes white cheddar cheese, swiss cheese, and provolone cheese. Due to its extremely thin and crunchy texture, this pizza is specially cut in tavern-style which means, cut into rectangles. Exciting, right? We are sure you all wish to try this unique style of pizza if you haven’t yet.

New York Style Pizza

The New York Style Pizza is quite different from all other thin-crust pizzas on the list. It is thicker than all the pizzas mentioned above. This is the most common style of pizza consumed around the world and offered by pizzerias around the globe. It is not as brittle or crunchy as the Neapolitan style or St. Louis style but is pliable and allows the traditional “pizza fold” while eating.

Apart from the crunchiness of the crust, the dough of the New York-style pizza is also different from other styles of thin-crust pizzas mentioned above. In addition to yeast, water, flour, and salt, the dough also contains sugar and oil. It is baked at a lower temperature than other thin-crust pizzas and also for a longer duration. This gives it the delectable floppiness along with the

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