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Join the MARV'S Family...

Marv's Pizza aims to serve Fresh, Delicious, Hygienic and good Quality food across the Nation. We are here to create a family to serve the best food. If you also have the same interest as ours, then we're proud to offer MARV'S Franchise to serve Quality Food from the best of Ingredients and in the most hygienic way.

Joining Marv's Franchise gives you great Head Start in limited time, experience and budget along with Brand Recognition, Proven Concept, Lesser Investment, Lesser Financial Risk, Support from Experts, Quick Setup, 3rd Party Contracts (Zomato, Swiggy...), Training, Brand Support and Marketing Support.

So, be a part of our network keeping our customers coming back for delicious and Quality Pizzas...!

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Three Unique Concepts to Choose From

Traditional Dine-In Concept

15-18 Lakhs

Traditional restaurants that feature seating or dine-in for groups and individuals. They’re especially popular among families, friends and corporate groups enjoying hot food

Delivery and Carry-Out Only

10-13 lakhs

These locations don’t include any dine-in space, so it’s simple to find a small (200 x 200 sq. ft.) location to set up shop. These franchises are popular in areas with lots of people on-the-go, like busy families and college students.

Cloud Kitchen

8-10 Lakhs

Cloud Kitchen does not have customer facing shop. However, they serve complete menu through online order on our Marv's App, Website and through 3rd party partners only.

Which Concept is Right for You?

Opening a pizza franchise is as exciting for us as it is for you, so we’ll work with you to help you identify just the right concept. This could depend on factors like:

  • Your local demographics: We’ll work to get a closer look at the customers in your area to see what they’d value most in a new Marv's Pizza franchise.

  • Available locations: Our experts can assess what’s available so you can open a pizza franchise in just the right area.

  • Your budget: Each of the concepts above requires a different investment. We’ll keep your budget in mind so that you can enjoy the greatest return possible

Support Throughout 

Whichever concept you decide on, you can count on our team to work with you throughout the process of getting it up and running. Not only will we put you in touch with our experts to help you find the right space, we’ll also provide you with comprehensive training on our business model and operational procedures.


Franchisees can also look forward to our assistance when it comes to marketing their new franchise through their grand opening and beyond. Contact us today to learn more about what’s involved in opening a pizza franchise with Marv's Pizza.

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