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Best Pizza, Beast Pizza for Friends & Family Party

I recently visited Marv's Pizza Indirapuram along with my school friends. The place is quite easy to locate, and the paid parking facility is available.

The restaurant is quite compact in size with approximately 12 people seating facilities.

available in total. We went during lunch time and hence it was completely deserted.

We went ahead with ordering the most famous pizza and opted by most people coming in groups here i.e. Beast Pizza. There is no such thing written like Beast Pizza in the menu however you have to request it as it will comprise various toppings.

Tip - Don't order Beast Pizza with one topping as you will get bored eating it.

We ordered toppings - Marv's Meatball, Marv's Chicken Special & Mexican Magic. We ordered two non-vegetarian toppings and one vegetarian topping. It took some time to deliver the pizza on our table due to the sheer size of the pizza. The moment it got delivered, we as usual went ahead with clicking the photos first.

Coming to the taste, the pizza was scrumptious. All the toppings were top notch. We ordered the vegetarian topping as well just to check whether they can deliver that luxury of taste in the vegetarian section as well. The meat used in the non-vegetarian toppings was quite fresh and juicy. It took us almost an hour to finish the pizza but it was completely worth it. The delivery speed could be improved. We also ordered soft drinks along with the beast size pizza. Overall we had a great time here and would recommend other groups to try out their Beast size pizza. Bon Appetite!

Food: 5/5 | Service: 4/5 | Atmosphere: 5/5 Recommended dishes Monster Pizza Chicken & Parking space Plenty of Parking options Paid parking lot

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