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Deliciously Fresh


Delicious & Fresh Pizza just a click away


Farmstead Pizza

Farmstead Pizza

Marvs Chicken Special Pizza.jpg

Marv's Chicken Pizza

Schezwan Meatballs.jpg

Chicken Wings

Schezwan Meatballs.jpg

Chicken Wings

Quick Bites

Heading 1

Non Veg - Meatballs 2_edited_edited.jpg

Meat Balls

White Sause Pasta 4_edited.jpg
Veg - Mac _ Cheese_edited_edited.jpg

Mac N Cheese

Choco Lava Cake.jpg

Chocolava Cake

Shake - Oreo Shake 2_edited.jpg



What our customers say about us

Fresh Artichoke Pizza

Tanya Joshi

I visited there with my friend recently! And it was our first time trying out their pizzas, we ordered pizza garlic breads and shakes
We totally loved it! Pizza was so fresh, and garlic bread was absolutely amazing in taste!
Their shakes were very thick and drooling. We are definitely going there again soon💕


Wonderful Pizzas. Very prompt delivery. It came in 20 minutes and was steaming hot. Great taste. Beats all other brands. Must have pizzas.


Raja Mukherjee

I had the delight of ordering from this place. And by God, I wasn't disappointed at all! The farmstead pizza came in a larger than life appearance and it was full of toppings indeed. So was the pepperoni! How could I have missed that all these days. The quality of the cheese used is piquant and the bread is much tastier than that of brand which I rather not name! Looking ahead to more such instances to taste the other variety too!


Mohit Mathur

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